Touch rugby

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  • Attitudes and values
  • Sport Studies
  • Hauora
  • Physical activity
  • Movement concepts and motor skills
  • Mental health
  • Personal health and physical development
  • Relationships With Other People
  • Healthy Communities and Environments
  • Health promotion
  • Socio-ecological perspective
  • Years 9–10

Explore sport and the pleasure of being included through touch rugby.

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A girl running with a rugby ball towards a group of students


Ākonga use touch rugby as a context to explore sport and the pleasure of being included.

Unit aim

To develop constructive attitudes, values, and behaviours to manage co-operative and competitive sports environments.

General overview

Ākonga explore what inclusion means, develop strategies to enhance inclusion, and consider the effect of promoting inclusion in a sport context (touch rugby). Ākonga participate in a touch rugby programme, which includes a tournament. They reflect on the development of their physical, thinking, intrapersonal, and interpersonal skills.

Key area(s) of learning

Sports studies, physical activity, mental health

Underlying concepts

Ākonga develop a sense of social justice through demonstrating fairness, inclusiveness, and care and concern for others through positive involvement and participation (attitudes and values); and contributes to the development of supportive strategies to ensure the physical and emotional safety of class members (health promotion).

AO Learning Outcome Learning experiences Assessment opportunities
5C2 Demonstrate an understanding of how sensitivity towards others during touch rugby can contribute to the emotional safety of self and others.

Ākonga explore attitudes, values and beliefs about sensitivity and inclusion.

Ākonga identify actions involved with encouraging others, accepting others and respecting self and describe the effects of these actions on peoples self worth.

Ākonga complete chart for task 1:

  • Touch rugby (task 1) (see below)
5C3 Ākonga will demonstrate interpersonal skills and processes that help them to make choices promoting inclusiveness in touch.

Ākonga participate in a game of touch rugby and discuss incidents of inclusiveness and exclusion.

Ākonga brainstorm strategies that enhance inclusiveness.

Ākonga will record in their physical education logbook the strategies they have selected that aim to enhance inclusiveness.

Ākonga can record their peer feedback into the physical education logbook.

4B2 Ākonga will brainstorm skills required to participate in touch and play a touch game.

Ākonga will brainstorm skills required to participate in touch and playing a tournament.

Ākonga will reflect on the skills they have learned and identify and describe the skills they found most challenging.

Ākonga complete task two review sheet:

  • Touch - Task 2 review sheet (see below)