Preventing and responding to suicide: Resource kit for schools

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  • Mental health
  • Years 1–4
  • Years 5–8
  • Years 9–10
  • Years 11–13

The Preventing and Responding to Suicide: Resource Kit for Schools, informs all staff about how to respond to students exhibiting suicidal behaviours. It ensures staff have information and resources for:

  • creating positive safe environments
  • providing sensitive responses after a suicide
  • promoting wellbeing.

The Ministry will continue to update this kit to reflect the resources and supports developed through the Suicide Prevention Action Plan 2019–2024 for Aotearoa New Zealand in consultation with the Ministry of Health, the Office of the Children’s Commissioner, and other key stakeholders.

Further information and resources can be found on the Ministry of Education's website to support safe teacher conversations about suicide and/or distressing information with students.