Netball invasion

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  • Physical activity
  • Sport Studies
  • Movement concepts and motor skills
  • Healthy Communities and Environments
  • Hauora
  • Attitudes and values
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  • Years 5–8

Learn about sports skills and strategies for invasion games through netball.

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Two netballs and a skipping rope sit on an indoor court
Image: Netballs by Lucky Lynda (CC BY 2.0) Flickr


Learning about sports skills and strategies for invasion games through netball.

Unit aim

To be a competent and enthusiastic participant in netball/invasion games.

General overview

In this unit ākonga develop skills and strategies for playing an invasion game (netball). This involves a series of practical activities and problem solving situations. Ākonga then apply these skills in a mini netball tournament using the sports education model. Ākonga self-assess their level of skill for netball pre- and post-tournament and describe ways to improve their skill level.

Key area(s) of learning

Sport studies, physical activity

Underlying concepts

This unit will enable ākonga to develop a positive and responsible attitude that includes valuing themselves and others (attitudes and values) and develop personal skills to take action to improve their personal wellbeing and that of their environment (health promotion).

AO Learning Outcome Learning experiences Assessment opportunities
3B2 and 3B1

Ākonga will demonstrate skills of footwork, passing, catching, shooting and defending for netball.

Ākonga will demonstrate an understanding of basic offensive and defensive game strategies of netball. Ākonga will participate in decision-making related to solving tactical problems of invasion games.

  • Piggy in the middle
  • 3 v 1 tag game
  • 3 v 3 invasion game
  • 4 v 4 modified netball and variations.

Teachers pose structural and tactical problems in order to encourage ākonga learning of skills, and tactics for netball games (eg. adjust size and ability of teams, modify rules and equipment, modify positions, and set restrictions and limitations).

Ākonga reflect on and verbalise what offensive and defensive strategies they found helpful, and what particular skills they might need to develop.

Ākonga in pairs or as a team, exchange understandings and try each other's solutions to offensive and defensive strategies.

Ākonga in pairs or as a team devise and practice new tactical solutions to offensive and defensive problems.

3B4 Ākonga will demonstrate taking responsibility for setting their own skill learning goals, and working towards reaching them. Ākonga self assess skills for netball games, including physical, tactical, social and emotional skills. Ākonga set goals to improve skills for netball games. Ākonga rank their perseverance to achieve these goals.

Ākonga complete self assessment record

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