Playing the game safely

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  • Attitudes and values
  • Sport Studies
  • Hauora
  • Body Care and Physical Safety
  • Physical activity
  • Personal health and physical development
  • Movement concepts and motor skills
  • Health promotion
  • Years 9–10

Learn about safety in sport through minor games.

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A group of children playing a vigorous running game


Learning about safety in sport through minor games.

Unit aim

To develop knowledge, attitudes, and values to play games safely.

General overview

This unit involves ākonga learning a range of minor games and safety issues related to these games. Ākonga will then devise their own minor game and teach it to their class.

Key area(s) of learning

Sports studies, body care and personal safety

Underlying concepts

Ākonga can make a positive contribution to the wellbeing of others (health promotion); and help create conditions that promote wellbeing (socio-ecological perspective).

AO Learning Outcome Learning experiences Assessment opportunities
4D 3/4 Ākonga will specify individual responsibility and take collective action for the care and safety of other people in their class during a minor game unit.

Ākonga will take part in a series of minor games and identify/evaluate safety issues.

Ākonga describe strategies to increase safety in minor games.

In groups, ākonga take on individual responsibilities and create a minor game that emphasises safe practices.

Ākonga completed self / peer assessed sheet on individual and collective responsibilities.

Ākonga complete a written plan of their created minor games that emphasises safe practices.