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  • Attitudes and values
  • Sport Studies
  • Hauora
  • Physical activity
  • Movement concepts and motor skills
  • Socio-ecological perspective
  • Years 9–10

Learn about sports technology and equipment through tennis.

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Tennis ball sitting on old tennis racquet
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Learning about sports technology and equipment through tennis.

Unit aim

To identify and critically appraise the contribution of science, technology, and the environment to tennis.

General overview

Ākonga participate in a racquet sports programme using a range of modified equipment, and courts/facilities. Ākonga carry out a research project either in class time or out of class time. Teachers may use a range of teaching approaches along Mosston's continuum. The lessons can be adapted to be increasingly ākonga centred.

Key area(s) of learning

Sports studies, physical activity

Underlying concepts

Ākonga to develop an understanding of the influence technology and the environment has on participation in sport (socio-ecological perspective).

AO Learning Outcome Learning experiences Assessment opportunities
5B1 Acquire and apply skills for tennis by using a structured and sequenced process, with modified equipment.

Ākonga will participate in a self-paced programme to develop tennis skills using a range of modified equipment.

Ākonga complete self assessment sheet showing change in skill level through the progressions.

5A3 Ākonga will investigate and experience ways technology and the environment influence participation in tennis.

Ākonga participate in self-paced programme of tennis and rate their enjoyment for each progression, considering type of racquet, ball, and court size.

Ākonga investigate and identify technological changes and their impact on participation in tennis, and the way in which tennis is played.

Ākonga complete self assessment sheet showing levels of enjoyment and summary statement:

  • Techy Tennis recording resource (see below).

Ākonga complete research task and historical and technological changes of tennis:

  • Techy Tennis - Research Instruction sheet (see below).