Perceptive cricket

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  • Healthy Communities and Environments
  • Attitudes and values
  • Sport Studies
  • Hauora
  • Socio-ecological perspective
  • Years 9–10

Learning about sport and media through cricket.

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Students playing a game of cricket on a field


Learning about sport and the media through cricket.

Unit aim

To understand the social and cultural significance of sport, both for the individual and for society.

General overview

In this unit ākonga explore the effect of the media on their attitude towards cricket. This can be combined with a series of modified and small-sided games of cricket.

Key area(s) of learning

Sports studies, physical activity

Underlying concepts

This unit will enable ākonga to identify and reflect on factors that influence people's attitudes and perceptions relating to cricket (socio-ecological perspective).

AO Learning Outcome Learning experiences Assessment opportunities
4A4 Ākonga will describe how media messages can influence their attitudes towards cricket and describe how this can affect feelings of self-worth.

Ākonga participate in cricket skills development activities and modified games.

Ākonga identify their attitudes towards cricket, towards winning and losing, and to gender.

Ākonga identify media messages and the influence of these on their own attitudes towards cricket.
Ākonga relate their attitudes to cricket to their feelings of self-worth.

Ākonga completed resource on media sources and examples of messages from media about cricket.

5B4 Ākonga will investigate and experience ways in which their competence and participation in cricket is influenced by media messages.

Ākonga will define competence, rate their competence in cricket, and describe social and cultural factors that effect their level of competence.

Ākonga will investigate how the media portrays a range of social and cultural factors.

Ākonga completed self-assessed competency charts.