Check-in Taki-mai

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  • Mental health
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  • Personal health and physical development
  • Relationships With Other People
  • Healthy Communities and Environments
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  • Attitudes and values
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  • Socio-ecological perspective
  • Social and Emotional Learning
  • Years 5–8
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Noticing how you have faced challenges. Using the Element, Challenge and Shift cards and the Check-in activity sheet, learners can evaluate how they have approached challenges. Learners can select Shift cards to help them identify the things they have noticed, connections they have made and changes. Using this holistic methodology, learners can modify and strengthen their approach to facing challenges, problem-solving and goal setting.

Ata — Resource collection

This activity is part of the Ata resource collection.

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Essential info

1-2 lessons
Individual or groups

Learners will

  • Notice, describe and reflect on their achievement and progression.
  • Use self-reflection and perspective-taking to modify their approach.
  • Identify and explore strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement.
  • Identify a holistic, self-led approach to challenges, problem-solving and goal setting.
  • Describe where they are at in their learning and identify what their needs and strategies are.
  • Become empowered and resourceful in their learning strategies.
  • Develop a voice and contribute to an individual or collective learning pathway.

Ways to use the resource

  • Use outcomes from the Developing strategies and Approaching challenges activities as precursors to this exercise.
  • Use blank Ata cards to develop new challenges or perspectives.
  • Capture outputs in a format of your choice.
  • As a teacher, reflect on the same questions and compare the perspectives.
AtaActivity sheet Check in 1872px
Shown here: The Check-in activity sheet with five cards placed on it. One Element card and a related Challenge card, along with three Shift cards.


What you will need

Element, Challenge and Shift cards.

Check-in activity sheets: One per person or group.


1. Preparation

Learners should have completed the Approaching challenges activity. Additionally, students may have completed Shift check-in activity
at least once.

2. Prepare activity sheets

You’ll need to print or photocopy one Check-in activity sheet for each person or group.

3. Checking-in

Take the pre-selected Element and Challenge cards used during the approaching challenges activity and place them on the Check-in activity sheet.

Locate the Shift cards. Select three questions from the cards that you’d like to explore as part of your check-in on this challenge.

4. Discuss and capture

Using the selected Shift questions, discuss and capture your responses in a way and format of your choice. Based on your responses, modify the plan for approaching the challenge.

5. Customise

Using the questions on the Shift cards as a guide, develop and explore factors that will help strengthen your approach to challenges. Use group discussion and blank Ata cards to capture your ideas.

Next steps

  • Teachers can use insights to modify future lesson plans and areas of learning inquiry.
  • Use the strategies developed here in learning conversions using the Learning stories activity sheets.
  • Repeat the process over time to notice and respond to ongoing changes.