The socio-ecological perspective

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Three teenage boys cooking and talking.

What is the socio-ecological perspective?

Socio-ecological perspective icon; three children surrounded by a circle.

The socio-ecological perspective considers social and environmental factors that affect health and wellbeing. Learning experiences that reflect the socio-ecological perspective enable ākonga to:

  • seek to remove barriers to healthy choices
  • learn about the conditions that promote the wellbeing of themselves, other people, and society as a whole
  • come to a better understanding of how and why individuals differ.

This concept enables young people to look beyond the superficial and beyond themselves. They learn how to work towards a future that encourages people to question, to challenge and, where appropriate, to take action on the issues that are important to them. Ākonga will learn to take societal considerations into account as well as individual considerations, and will discover the need to integrate these.

The socio-ecological perspective is evident when ākonga:

  • can identify and reflect on the factors that influence people’s choices and behaviours (including social, economic, environmental, cultural, and behavioural factors and their interactions)
  • recognise the need for mutual care and shared responsibility between themselves, others, and society
  • actively contribute to their own wellbeing, as well as to that of other people, wider society, and to the health of the environment that they live in.