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What is Health promotion?

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Health promotion is a process for developing and maintaining supportive physical and emotional environments. Through health promotion, ākonga learn the value of personal and collective action. Ākonga also learn to make a positive contribution to their own wellbeing and that of their communities and environments.

It is important to involve all members of the wider school community – ākonga, staff, whānau, and other community members – in the health promotion process.

By engaging in health promotion, ākonga and teachers can:

  • understand how the environments in which they live, learn, work, and play affect their personal wellbeing and that of society
  • empower themselves to take action and improve their own wellbeing and that of their environments
  • develop supportive links between the school and the wider community
  • develop supportive policies and practices to ensure the physical and emotional safety of all members of the school community.