Te kohikohi Gathering natural resources

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Ākonga gather natural resources and according to the tikanga they established in Te tiaki i te taiao.

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A kaiako talking to two girls.

Intended outcomes

Ākonga can:

  • describe and demonstrate simple tikanga and safety procedures when collecting natural resources for te ao kori activities
  • participate in the collection of natural materials from the local environment in a safe manner
  • identify and use local environmental resources to gather raupō and harakeke for te ao kori activities.

Suggested approach

Ākonga visit local areas and collect natural resources for their chosen activities.

Ākonga collect three to four leaves of the raupō and four toetoe stems, which they will use to build a manu taratahi (kite).

Observe ākonga and help them to use tikanga and safety guidelines.

While collecting the plants, encourage ākonga to discuss different aspects of tikanga and safety guidelines. Possible questions for discussion could include:

  • How can we take care of the plants when we are collecting the raupō leaf and the flower of the toetoe?
  • How does the care we take as we collect the plant parts ensure the plants will not be harmed?

Ākonga can self-, peer- or group-review the way that they followed the tikanga and the safety guidelines they developed.